Good day and good greetings! My name is Jeff Nouwen and I’d like to welcome you to Kepicenter, the official blog of Kepi Software.

Some Background

I always enjoy reading background information on other developers. It can be illuminating and sometimes just downright interesting. So without further ado, here’s some information about me. Note: no guarantees are made as to the interestingness of the following!


I’ve been using Apple products almost my entire life. From plugging away on an Apple ][+ for typing class in third grade, to the first Mac my family owned, an LC II with a 14″ monitor (which was reasonably large back in 1992). The current setup includes my primary development machine, a Mac Pro (Early 2008) 3.0GHz 8-core with dual Dell 24″ displays.

I’m also an avid collector of Apple hardware. Currently, I’m in possession of over 40 items, with some of the more esoteric specimens including a Macintosh Portable replete with carrying case and all original documentation; a QuickTake 150 digital camera; and a Newton MessagePad 130, all in excellent working order.


I started programming in the mid-90’s when I picked up a copy Dave Mark’s fantastic Learn C on the Macintosh. I went on to graduate from the University of Alberta with a Computing Science degree (minor in Business). Programming is a true passion of mine; I love having the ability to create something out of nothing, especially when that something can help make peoples’ lives more productive or enjoyable.

I’ve written code for System 7.1 through Mac OS X 10.5 and used everything from the Mac Toolbox, to Carbon, and now Cocoa.


Kepi Software LogoKepi Software is the d/b/a for software I develop. As some may be aware, a kepi is a type of hat. It’s also tourist Hawaiian for Jeff. In actuality, Jeff is Iepi and Jeffrey is Kepeli. I guess those in charge of making “your name in Hawaiian” souvenirs decided Kepi rolled off the tongue better. Kepi Software seemed like a good name (and sounded far less silly than Jeff Software) so it’s what was chosen.

There has been a web presence since 2000, but nothing much has been done on the Kepi Software front over the last eight years, half of which were spent earning my degree, the other half at my day job where I am a PHP developer.

Looking To the Future

So what’s in store for Kepi Software? I’m hard at work on our first commercial product, but it’s still in the early development stage so further information will have to wait until a later date.

What will start off as an endeavour nurtured during my spare time will hopefully one day blossom into a µISV like Red Sweater Software, Flying Meat, No Thirst Software, and Clickable Bliss.

As for this blog, like the description in the header says, it will be another voice discussing Cocoa, programming, and other goings on in the Mac software development world. Watch for my next post which will talk about something that’s on a lot of Mac and iPhone developers’ minds right now: WWDC 2008.